That Song Sucks! Ep. 8


This episode, we invite Cassandra Scholnick to the show, as the possible replacement for Jessica (unbeknownst to Jessica). We also listen to music, play Then or Nowzies, find out how Will was almost killed by his big sister, and discuss which celebrity actress we’d all like to bang. Keepin’ it classy, internets.

That Song Sucks! Ep. 6


Our first time playing “Then or Nowzies” and it actually worked out well! We also discuss the affliction of squishitis that dear Kellie suffers from. What is squishitis? Ya gotta listen I guess.
Mostly new songs from:
Skrillex - Stranger
Lost Lands - Body of Habit
Melanie Martinez - Dollhouse
Shannon and the Clams - Sleep Talk

Shamlessly reblogging the latest episode of the podcast I’m do. You’re welcome.